About us

About us

In 1982 partners Kevin Robinson & Stephen Moore started out their business at The Old Chapel in the village of Crowle, Nr Scunthorpe. They began here crafting out individual items of bespoke furniture from solid timbers such as Oak and Mahogany, made to customers special requirements.

It was a year later when the partners aged 25, decided to enter the Yorkshire TV Enterprise 83 competition where they finished up in the top 3 and was presented with their prize by Sir Harold Wilson. During the early years Oakleaf displayed their furniture far and wide at many of the Big agricultural shows including the Royal, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & East of England Shows.

After a successful first 5 years Kev & Steve decided to expand the business further by acquiring further premises a short distance from the workshop at the Old Chapel. It was at this point that both partners felt the need for a change of direction and decided to turn the new premises into a kitchen studio to run along side the furniture making at the workshop.

The Oakleaf Cabinetmakers name had become synonymous with quality and the partners wanted to carry this through to the products they were about to supply on the kitchen side of things. After scouring the kitchen industry at that time they decided to team up with a family run German kitchen company named Geba, who provided the quality that the Kev & Steve required. A very successful and rewarding 10 year partnership was formed between the two companies until the retirement of the head of the Geba family and the German business was merged with a former competitor and no longer provided the service that Oakleaf had become to expect.

During this period Kev & Steve had started to develop a relationship with Prentice Furniture, a truly bespoke manufacturer of traditional wood and painted kitchens. This partnership is still nurtured today allowing Oakleaf to design and install some truly stunning individual kitchens, either with or without front frames. After the loss of the Geba range Kev & Steve felt there was a void in their portfolio for the more modern style of kitchens, so once again the partners searched far and wide to find another quality manufacturing supplier who they felt happy to work with. At the same time in 1998 Omega kitchens was being born and they were looking for reputable outlets to support and promote their new range of kitchens.

Almost immediately the two companies felt that a working relationship could be established and Oakleaf became one of the first showrooms displaying both the Omega & Sheraton range of kitchens and they are still featured today. Since their inauguration Omega have gone from strength to strength and now boast one of the biggest showrooms in the area at Thorne nr Doncaster, only 15 mins from Oakleaf who have this facility available to them. Appointments can be made for potential Oakleaf customers to browse the full range and styles of kitchens available there at their leisure. During the past 35 years Oakleaf have also fitted out many Bed & Bathrooms, having seen a big increase in both of these rooms in recent years as past satisfied kitchen customers have returned to the company that they now trust from their past experience.