Granite is generally quarried directly from the mountainside where it has formed slowly over millions of years. Colour and veining changes along with the geological characteristics and mineral composition of each area. This ensures your granite kitchen worktop will be a unique and beautiful piece of nature, giving your kitchen that luxurious, natural appeal only granite can provide.

Before your granite worktop is ready to install into your kitchen it will have to go through a long and complex process. After millions of years of formation, your granite is then quarried into block and cut into slabs.

Once in slab form it is transported around the world, at which  point it is ready to be made into you bespoke worktop. Firstly it sawn to the correct dimensions and the edges are polished, before the cut-outs and any other detail is finally added.

Finally the worktop is quality checked, delivered and fitted by our experienced fittng team, providing a stunning finishing touch and bringing your beautiful new kitchen to life.

Natural Beauty

Granite is formed over millions of years and gives you a unique piece of nature in your home.

High Polish

The slow crystallisation of molten magma deep in the Earth's crust makes Granite a very hard material, and therefore allows it to take a high polish.

Scratch Resistance

Granite is an igneous rock and therefore it is very hard, making it difficult to scratch or damage.


Granite has a naturally cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation.

Heat Resistant

Granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof. It is advised that heat mats or trivets are used to protect the surface from extreme changes in heat.

Easy Maintenance

Granite does not require and special cleaning agents. Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required.


Granite is a luxury work surface and helps add value to your home.